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Updates of Orissa Violence: 30 Aug - 7 Sep, 2008

Updates of Kandhamal (Orissa) Violence

30 August - 7 September, 2008

Date - Police Station - Event

30.08.2008 PHIRINGIA 5 Christian of Sudam Majhi, Goutam Mahji, Samo Majhi, Baruna Majhi and Jeebardhan Majhi of Ratanga Village, Phiringia Block were Set on fire.

01.9.2008 Raikia At about 4.00 p.m, 100 years old Catholic Parish Church Mondasore was attacked, vandalized, looted and set fire.

01.9.2008 Raikia Presbytery of Catholic Priest was attacked, looted and burnt to ashes

01.9.2008 Raikia The Scorpio (Four Wheeler) car of Fr. Jugal Kishore Digal was set fire at Mondasore

01.9.2008 Raikia Mr. Rabindra Parichha, of Bhaliapada village, under Mondasore Parish said "I had called the district control room and asked for the security force and also faxed letter apprehending the danger for the Mondasore parish but, In spite of the police information my Parish church was attacked.

02. 09.2008 Raikia Christian house of Mr. Dibya Digal of Pajimaha was attacked and set fire

02.09.2008 Raikia Christian House of Mr. Samont Nayak was attacked and set fire

02.09.2008 Raikia 18 Christian people of Bhaliapada Village reached to the Bhubaneswar and they are now in the Refugee camp. It is reported that all became the destitute.

02.09.2008 Daringbadi At about 50 Christian houses of Balligada were attacked, All the house hold articles were set on fire.

02.09.2008 Daringbadi Catholic Church at Kakadabadi village was attacked and set fire

02.09.2008 Daringbadi 3 Christian house of Kakadabadi village was ransacked and set fire

01.9.2008 Daringabai Catholic Church at Balligada was ransacked and set fire

01.9.2008 Daringbadi Baptist Church at Balligada was ransacked, vandalized and set fire

02.09.2008 Tikabali 35 Christian houses were set fire ( Beheragano area)

02.09.2008 Chakapad 5 Christian houses were set fire

01.9.2008 Bhanjanagar Catholic Church at Chadiapally was ransacked and set fire

01.9.2008 Baptist Church at Durgaprasad was ransacked and set fire

02.09.2008 Sarangard Christian People of Padangi village were being forced to practice Hinduism and given warning to death, if they practice Christianity

02.09.2008 G.Udayagir The house of Mr. Gaura Chandra Nayak was attacked and set fire.
Christian families of Belghati were converted to Hinduism.

03.09.2008 Daringbadi (Mondasore Parish) At about 2a.m., Catholic Church, Padunbadi was attacked, destroyed, ransacked, demolished. It is reported that even the walls were broken.

03.09.2008 Refugee Camp at Raikia is in turmoil. The refugees had requested that no members of RSS, VHP or Bajrang Dal be allowed in to the refugee camp set up at the Block Development Office. Despite this the BDO was found in close door conversation with three members the fundamentalist group. The refugees have demanded an explanation from the officer who has now been gheraoed by the agitated refugees. One Mr. Godda from the group of three managed to flee the place. He is now threatening to bring in thousands of fundamentalists to attack the refugee camp. The destitute have made hunger strike to settle the matter.

In the evening people found tank water was in blue colour and suspected that someone might have put poison. People were in panic, it was reported to the Sub-collector and RDC, and they reached to spot and assured security and protection.

03.09.2008 Tikabali 5 Houses of the Dadarimunda Village were set ablaze.

03.09.2008 Daringabadi In Simanbadi parish at Kotasingh and Gadadi village 18 each houses are burnt by the fundamentalists.

03.09.2008 Daringbadi The fundamentalists burnt 25 houses from Katadi village which is under the Padangi parish, Sarangada P.S. On the other hand from Birangi village about 10 houses are burnt on the same day

03.09.2008 Tikabali 5 houses, Dadarimunda village were set fire and destroyed.

03.09.2008 Bhubaneswar KharvelnagarBishop's of Orissa met Chief Minster and explained the present situation of the Kandhamal. Chief minister assured to give protection and take good measure for the relief and rehabilitation. Bishops mentioned about the forceful conversion to Hinduism.

04.09.2008 VHP to go ahead with Yatra (Indian express dated 04.09.2008, front page) ( I am faxing the clip)

04.09.2008 The fear and panic have spread among Christians living relief camps in Kandhamal District in Orissa following alleged attempts by Hindu radicals to reconvert them.

05.09.2008 Raikia 12 Houses of Murudipanga Village under Raikia police station were attacked, ransacked and set on fire.

80 People of the same village have gone to the refugee .

06.09.2008 Bhubaneshwar 144 has been declared in sensitive areas, especially in the Church situated areas.

10 Platoons of Orissa armed force and 4 platoon of CRPF have been deployed.

06.09.2008 PURI Anti slogans were written against Christian on the walls of all Christian institution in Puri ( Puri parish, retreat centre, leprosy centre and MC brother's house) The wall paints portrait Padri hatao (destroy the priests), stop conversion and stop cow slaughter.

06.09.2008 PURI Fr. T.Kurian, in charge of Karunalaya Leprosy centre Puri said "Some one came by motor cycle and ordered to stop the tuition class for the students. Hence, for time being the classes are stopped".

06.09.2008 RAIKIA 3 houses of Tdahupanga village, under Raikia police station were ransacked. Inhabitants of the houses have come to the refugee camp in Raikia.

06.09.2008 RAIKIA Mr. Raju Parichha's half constructed house was demolished completely in the Raikia Town which is situated 1.5. K.M away from the Raikia police station.

06.09.2008 RAIKIA In Kanya Ashram shahi three houses of Rajkishore Digal, Santosh Nayak, and Joseph Nayak were attacked.

06.09.2008 RAIKIA The house of Mohini Parichha, Badapata village was attacked which is situated just 1.Km away from local police station.
RAIKIA 3 Christian Houses of Petamaha village were set on fire.

06.09.2008 RAIKIA The house of Sekhar Digal, Dodongia was attacked and ransacked.

06.09.2008 -TIKABALLI- Two Christian houses of Breka village, were set on fire and ransacked

06.09.2008 G. UDAYAGIRI About 6000 people are in refugee camp in G.Udayagiri

RAIKIA About 8500 destitutes are in Raikia refugee camp.

07.09.2008 TIKABALI About 3000 destitute are in Tikabali refugee camp.

07.09.2008 SARANGAD One dead body is recovered today at Sarangad

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