Thursday, September 11, 2008

Kandhamal Christians Will Be Wiped Out: VHP Vows

The Christians Will Be Wiped Out From Kandhamal: VHP Vows

Dhirendra Panda writes:

I am born of a hindu Brahmin family. My father and other relatives being devotedly religious persons used to tell me that sanyasis are symbols of love, care, truth, justice above earthly hatred-ness, jealousy, violence. We were told about the stories of Swami Vivekananda, Ramakrishna Param Hansa, Sri Chaitanya, Jayadev, Aurovindo.

During my childhood, it would have been quite difficult to digest that sadhus and saints engaged for spreading hate and violence. Similarly there would be many people to disbelieve that sadhus are campaigning for votes to a particular party and using religion for political ends. So nobody should get surprised if they call for wiping out the Christians from Kandhamal.

On 6th August 2008 there were 144 in and around Swadhinata Sangrami Sadan Ground. Considering the announcements and assurance given by the Police Officers and others, it was thought the government will not allow any rally or meeting of VHP. But the VHP had its Sraddhanjali sabha (Tribute paying meet) and along with sadhu (ascetic holy man) sanths (saints), BJP leaders such as Suresh Pujari (President,Orissa BJP), Prasanna Mishra, Panchanan Rout, MLA Pratap Sarangi and Subash Chouhan, Bajranga Dal leader were present in the Meeting.

Please read some of the statements given in the meeting

Mahant Swami Satchidananda Maharaj, presiding over the Meet:
Sacrifice of Swamiji will be meaningful once the cow-slaughter and conversion is totally stopped in the state. In each village committees will be formed to actualize the dreams of Swamiji. If the villagers get awareness, these will be stopped automatically.
Tridandi Swami Bhagwan Das:
Now the Hindus have become minority. There is an international conspiracy behind it. The Christians, majority in 186 countries have not only killed Laxmanananda, but also doing this; they have challenged the entire Hindu Society.
Swami Arupananda Maharaj:
Attack on Swamiji is the same as attacking the 'Hindu Religion'. All the saints/sadhus need to counter-attack unitedly otherwise the entire India will be converted into a Christian nation.
Swami Brahmananda Saraswati:
Once the Englishmen came for trade and commerce had occupied our country. Now Christians in the name of 'the minorityism' have come again to take away our 'independence'. If the attack continues like this, the Hindu community will be wiped out one day.
Swami Satyapriya Maharaj, Arya Samaj:
The Government is like a eunuch that could not give protection to Swamiji, but continue in giving protection to murderers.
Abinash Baba, Joranda:
This is a country of saints and sadhus and the country is 'functioning' for them only. The Government should provide security and protection to mathas and temples.
Ramacharan Das Maharaj:
Limiting ourselves in mere blaming the Government will not serve the purpose. We have to realize and decide that whoever will be able to understand the Hindu religion and respect the saints and sadhus can sit on the throne. If this happens, all the problems will be solved.
Swami Chanmayananda Maharaj:
The Hindus occupying 85 % of total population are screaming, but the government pays no heed to it. The situation is like this only because we are not united. If we unitedly put all our votes for one party, everything will be set aright. Shankaracharya should be entrusted with the responsibility to decide whom to vote for and issue 'whips' to cast all our votes accordingly. By this whichever party comes to power will be compelled to respect our words.
Ashok Sahu, President, Hindu Jagaran Samukhya (former DG, Police Assam):
[Archbishop] Raphael Cheenath, President, Loka Sangram Dalit Manch and John Doyal have hands behind the murder of Laxmanananda.
Gouri Prasad Rath, General Secretary, VHP:
Now Orissa is run under demonic prowess. The sadhus and sanths were arrested for no reason. They were not allowed to have darshan (see) to Sri Ram temple. The Police should beg apology for insulting the Hindu community in Orissa by arresting the sadhus and saints. As we were not allowed to hold condolence (sradhhanjali) rally, henceforth we'll never allow anybody to hold peace rallies here. Unless the killers of Swamiji are arrested, there will be no peace in Orissa.
Ashok Tiwary, VHP's Akhil Bharatiya Dharma Jagaran Pramukh; Ramanuj Das Moharaj, Chintamani Parbat Maharaj, Mahanta Raghubir Das Maharaj, Mahanta Ram Charan Das Maharaj, Mahant Ramakrishna Das Maharaj, Sankarananda Maharaj, Mahant Narayan Baba, Brahmachari Jiban Chaitanya Maharaj, Swami Prana Swarupananda Maharaj have taken vow – The Christians will be wiped out from Kandhamal.


Joseph said...

If they don't repent and but for the tears of the saints for this district, soon the news should read: "Kandhamal Wiped Out: VHP Reaps and Weeps."

God is still on the Throne!

David Pilli said...

"Father Forgive them for they know not what they are doing"

zaherudeen said...

Why dont the other countries in the world kick out every Hindu organisations and temples and setups from their country??
Stupid to allow a snake to grow in your bosom and feed it.
Christians are there to wipe the hindus bottom when they are sick,as none of their own ever care!