Sunday, August 31, 2008

Pregnant Lady Cut to Pieces in Orissa

7 Month's Pregnant, Kamalini Naik Cut into Pieces for Her Faith

As narrated by an independent writer:
Mrs. Kamalini Naik's husband was asked to become a Hindu for which the fanatics threatened to kill his mother. Seeing his mother under their grip Mr. Naik denounced his faith.

Then they called his wife Kamalini Naik who was 7 months pregnant. She strongly stood for her faith in Christ and immediately the fanatics cut her into pieces and her one and half year son in front of her husband and other Christians.


Anonymous said...

How can things like this happen and not a word be said? Where is the press? Where is the international outcry? May God have mercy on all our souls.

maggie said...

We cry for Orissa, the suffering missionaries and the christian minorities,
The missionaries do not convert anyone, their activities done with love for christ draws people to Jesus. It is the wounds of the crucified Lord that gives them the strengthen to continue with undiminished zeal their work of upliftment,

Political fools your borrowed hands and blood stained money will not deter the missionaries for The Love of Jesus conquers all our fears,
Our Prayers are with you,

Varghese said...

I experience deep faith of the innocent and ordinary people who suffer. These henious crimes are committed with the intention of cleansing Orissa of Christians, but every drop of the marters blood will make the Church thrive all the more. In the Bible Jesus tells his followers that they will have to suffer on accout of Him. No amount of murder of Christions will stop spread of Christianity; that is history. What saddens me most is the fact that there is no law and elected representatives of the people of such a democratic contry to protect the citizens. India was known for ahimsa (non-violence) but it has become a land of extremists and murders. There is no religion or spirituality in our country any more only violence, distruction, fear and unfreedom. Is our constitution dynamic or dead? God forgive them for they do not know what they are doing.
Posted by Fr Varghese Gnalian SSP,
Provincial Superior, Society of St Paul.

Anonymous said...

What is the Government of Orrisa doing on all such cases. Just because we Christians are silent undue advantage is taken. Even the media seems to be dis-interested or is selectively sensationalising cases as they chose
when will the Government/PM hear are pleas. We neeed to unitedly stand on this.


Anonymous said...

My heart grieves for the fellow brethren in Orissa.The faith of this lady is amazing and may the Lord grant you the courage to fight the Godlessness of the demonic people .


Jenni said...

Is there no way to stop all these...?Are we living in a democratic country...?How can people be so ignorant saying police cant bring these barbarians under control..?

"My help comes from the Lord,the maker of heaven and earth. Psalms-121:2"

May God protect His people and shield them with his blood...
The blood of these innocent people will witness against these cruel murderers in judgement.

Anonymous said...

Shameful thing for human being
Were they forgot their mother?

Anonymous said...

How can such things happen in a country and the PM, President and all State Ministers keep quiet. WE have to joing together and stop this. Be foreceful, I even wrote a week back and so many wrote to the email ID of the President to take some action, cos if one keeps quiet for innocent blood being shed, soon they themselves will fall a victim to these. The Living God is very patient. We should never test God's patience.
Every person in all Religions should come together as one big family and stop this. These people who are doing this is not from any religion. NO religious person whether Hindu, Muslim or Christian will ever, ever do this kind of torture. These are terrorists and should be taken into task. SPEAK NOW , VOICE NOW. THE POLITICAL PEOPLE.. DO NOT BE AFRAID OF YOUR SEATS... GOD WILL GIVE YOU THE BEST IF YOU STAND UP FOR THE RIGHT CAUSE. Hope the PM and President will do something soon. A serious action be taken, before th country goes to ashes.... if this continues the UN will have to interfere, because we Indians are not in a position to take any action. SPEAK NOW, ACT NOW AS ONE BIG FAMILY.
See today what is happening in Delhi? This will continue every part of India, if the wrong doings immaterial of any religious person in the name of God is doing. HE is fooling God, His Country , Himself and the Govt.

Anonymous said...

Women of these terrorists, children,sisters and mothers .. If you dont speak.. tomorrow these very same men will rape you and burn you to death.
Speak out .
Govt, it is time to wake up and take a serious action.

Anonymous said...

Not one missionary has converted a single non christian and if a non christian converted to any other religion, it is because they see Love in another religion.
Shameful. Today, India is a country with murders and violence.
Who is silently promoting this?

Government Authorities who has to take a serious step to stop this please do take a very drastic step for the protection of its people.

Ban such Violent Organisations.

Ameet said...

I condem the cowardly act of the peolple in Orissa against Christians. 2.5% of Christians alone are responsible for 67% of Charity done in India. 45% of Schools and 35% of Orphanages and Bordings. What is the contribution of the people who are hurting the Christians, in the upbringing of the poor weak and needy society of our Country? May God forgive them for they do not know what they have done to bring Gods wrath on them as well as their generations to come.

satish said...

what ever may happen god is in control and his word says
Lo i am with u till the end of this world.

Anonymous said...

Keep living with Christ,
our love grows perfect and complete..

GBU all..

Anonymous said...

i feel the persecutions of our early christianity is repeated through Hindu fanatics and its high time for us to be strong in our faith as well as our duty to pray for all those who are persecuted for thier faith.

-David Francis

Anonymous said...

Barbaric and reprehensible act to the core. The guilty are answerable to their own conscience and no Punishment can ever compensate the irrepreable damage caused.