Monday, September 1, 2008

Names of 26 People Killed in the Violence

A Circulating List of the 26 People Killed in the Orissa Violence

Church groups have been able to give the names of atleast 26 people who were killed in the week-long violence in Orissa, in which Hindu fanatics also burned down or destroyed some 4,000 Christian homes, several churches and convents

A circulated list gives the names of the 26 deceased as follows:

Names of the Deceased

1. Dasarath Pradhan (Tiangia)
2. Kamolini Nayak (Mondakia)
3. Pastor Samuel Nayak (Bakingia)
4. Romesh Digal (Bakingia)
5. Jecob Digal (Petapanga)
6. Sureshon Nayak
7. Abhimonyu Nayak
8. Bikram Nayak (Tiangia)
9. Goyadhar Digal, Kasinipadar
10. Dibyasundar Digal
11. Parakhita Nayak(Tiangia)
12. Trinath Digal (Tiangia)
13. Joseph Digal
14. Gopan Nayak (Mondakia)
15. Khogeswar Pradhan
16. Ajuba Nayak, Barakhama
17. Rosananda Prodhan
18. Jaka Nayak Budamaha
19. Akhar Digal Totomaha
20. Sidheswar Digal, Sulisoru
21. Praful Nayak, Barakhama
22. Mary Digal, Barakhama
23. Daniel Mallick (Pastor) Bankingia
24. Michael Nayak, Bankingia
25. Gulu, Kanbagiri
26. Bidyadhara Digal, Kattargarh

Churches Attacked

1. Petapanga Church
2. Catholic Church, Mondakia
3. Catholic Church, Ratingia
4. Believers church, Ratingia
5. Diocese Church, Ratingia
6. Believers Church, Gimangia
7. Diocese Church, Gimangia
8. Mdahukia Church
9. Catholic Church, Raikia
10. Catholic Church, Badimunda
11. Pentocastal Church, Badimunda
12. Catholic Church, Breka
13. Pentocastal Church, Breka
14. Catholic Church, Pobingia
15. Catholic Church, Srasanaanda
16. Catholic Church, Phulbani
17. Catholic Church, Phulbani
18. Catholic Church, Balliguda
19. Catholic Church, Sankrakhol
20. R.C. Church, Kanjamedi
21. Diocese Church, Kanjamedi
22. Pentecostal Church, Kanjamedi
23. Pentecostal Church Jugapadar, Nuagam
24. Baptist Church, Tumudiband
25. Pentecostal Church, Tumudiband
26. Catholic Church, Padanpur
27. Church in Dhanpur
28. Catholic Church, Tiangia
29. Baptist Church, Tiangia
30. Catholic Church, Gabindapali
31. Catholic Church, Padua
32. Catholic Church, Duburi
33. Pentecostal Church, Tiangia
34. Seveth Advent Church Bakingia
35. Catholic Church Nilungia36. Pentecostal Church Nilungia
37. Catholic Church Boipariguda
38. R.C. Bakingia
39. Penteconstal church, Bakingia
40. R.C. Kotimaha
41. Pentocostal church, Budamaha
42. Baptist Church, Sukananda
43. Pentaconstal church Adaskupa
44. R.C. Church, Adaskupa
45. Pentacostal Church, Rupagao
46. Sulesoru Church
47. Pengoberi village Church
48. Kambaguda, Church
49. Tengapadar village church
50. Prakash Prayer House, Raikia

3. Shops Destroyed in Raikia

1. Biraj Nayak - Chicken Centre
2. Alok Nayak - Chicken Centre
3. Chiku Nayak
4. Rohit Nayak - Tea Stall
5. Simon Nayak - Computer
6. Kabula Nayak
7. Sudhir Nayak - Xerox
8. Junes Nayak - Computer
9. Jerbas Mondal - Grocery
10. Paburia shops

4. Convents

1. St. Joseph’s Convent, Sankharkhole
2. St. Anne’s Convent, Pobinga
3. Mt. Carmel Convent, Balliguda
4. St. Anne’s Convent, Padangi

5. Hostels

1. Boy’s Hostel, Padangi
2. Girl’s Hostel, Padangi
3. Balliguda Convent
4. Boy’s Hostel, Pobingia
5. Girl’s Hostel, Pobingia

6. Six Institutions Damaged

1. Janvikas
2. Pastoral Center
3. Ajka, Raikia
4. Poly Shree, Paburia
5. Gramya Pragati, Balliguda
6. Karuna, Raikia

7. Priests and Religious Attacked who are Seriously Injured

1. Fr. Thomas Chellan
2. Fr. Bernard Digal
3. Fr. Edward, SVD
4. Fr. Simon Lakra, SVD
5. Sr. Meena HM
6. Fr. Xavier Tirkey


Anonymous said...

Our Brothers and sisters in orissa
we all are praying for you all, people around the world upholding orissa thier prayers, we feel very sorry to hear about your suffering for the Lord Jesus and for the faith. history say where the is suffering for faith there is growth of church and faith, May God forgive all those is are killing the our Bro and sist
Fr Benjimen


Dear brothers n sisters, v are really sorry 2 hear about the sufferings u all faced and the struggles u all went through.
But our Almighty father wil nevr let u all down.
U all are always in our prayers.
May god forgive all the cruel n heartless people.....

Anonymous said...

I wish and pray this should not happen anywhere in the world.Lord please protect us from evil.

anodya said...

i am an oriya but i studied in a christian school for 5 years in orissa and i do love my schools and give a lot of respect to christians . lord knows the reason why the hindus of my homeland always have disputes with christians.

oh!god plz forgive the people who always discriminate among castes.

though i am a hindu and even an oriya and orissa is my homeland but i realy hate those who always attack on the people of other castes.if the whole orissa is 2 one side and only a few christians r 2 d other i'll go 2 them because all r the citizens of india and everybody has equal rights 2 follw what religion they like and however they want 2 live.

i wish this world would always live in peace without any disputes