Saturday, September 6, 2008

Arson, Water Poisoning at Relief Camps

Cases of Poisoning of Drinking Water Was Reported by Two Relief Camps

GCIC reports:
The Relief Camp at Vijoy High School Raikia block, Kandhamal reported that drinking water was poisoned on 3rd September 2008. Fortunately, the poisoning of water was detected in time and confirmed by a doctor just before food was served to the Christians taking refuge in the camp, resulting in their going hungry till 4pm, when alternate arrangements were made to provide potable water.

An attempt to poison the drinking water source of the relief camp in Habaq High School, Relief Camp at G. Udayagiri, Kandhamal was foiled by an alert security guard. Hindutva under VHP extremists climbed on the drinking water tank 9 pm on 2nd September and were caught by the Security guard, even as they were trying to open the lid with a bag containing a poisonous substance to be mixed into the water, to cause a massive killing of Christians together.

Hindutva extremists from VHP are objecting to the Christians "eating at government expense". On Sept 4th a group of nearly 2500 Hindutva extremists barged into the Relief Camp at Tikabali Govt. High School shouted at the Christian refugees and took away supplies meant for the Christian refugees, while police were silent spectators to the event. A group of women instigated by VHP attempted to set afire a relief camp when its inmates were demonstrating near the block office demanding sufficient aid at Tikabali in Kandhamal district.

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