Sunday, September 7, 2008

Why Blame the Christians?

Although it is the Maoists who claim that they killed Swami Laxmananada, the VHP is convinced that it was the Christian community which was behind the Swami’s killing. Maoists have been known to resort to such killings. Why blame the Christians?

An excerpt from a Merinews story:

Orissa is presently burning but it is not getting adequate media attention, because floods in Bihar and the latest developments on the nuclear deal have been hogging the limelight. Violence, triggered by the killing of Swami Laxmananada by the Maoists, has spread in the State. For the VHP, the Maoists are innocent and the Christians are the real culprits. According to VHP’s rationale, the killing of the Swami had to do with his mission of re-conversion of Hindus and the Christians therefore had a valid reason to eliminate the Swami.

The VHP has totally rejected the claim of the Maoists that they killed the Swami. The Maoist menace in Orissa is not something new; many such killings have been attributed to their organization. If Maoists are staking the claim for killing Laxmananda, then there is no point in rejecting the said claim. There was a sinister plan underlying the VHP’s rejection of the said claim by the Maoists. The plan envisaged blaming the killing on the Christians. VHP tactfully exploited the killing of its mentor to attack the Christians in Orissa. This casts serious doubts on the intention and modus operandi of the VHP. The self-proclaimed representative of Hindu religion always uses dead bodies to kill numerous innocent people. In Jhajhhar, they killed Dalits for a dead cow; in Gujarat, they triggered a communal carnage after the unfortunate Godhara incident; presently they have resorted to killings in Orissa, after a death took place.

Communal politics triggered by dead bodies is not a coincidence; it needs a serious analysis. At present Orissa, which boasts of a two percent Christian population, is becoming a second Gujarat. This is alarming for those who sincerely believe in Indian secularism and want to protect the country’s secular fabric. In any debate on Indian secularism and VHP, the role of the Congress is significant. Congress is responsible for the growth of VHP because it adopted a soft approach towards it. There are thousands of reasons to ban VHP, as there are for SIMI. India does not need organizations like SIMI and VHP which spread hatred in the name of religion.

Moreover, VHP presently is a national threat. A couple of weeks back, its activists were arrested in Kanpur city of Uttar Pradesh for making bombs. They were planning serial bomb blasts. In Nanded in Maharashtra, VHP and its other wings were caught red-handed, while making bombs for carrying out blasts in many areas. It is easy to guess what prevents the UPA government from banning the VHP. Soft attitude towards a communal organization will never help parties like the Congress, which swears by secularism.
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Anonymous said...

Truth will come to light. who has killed that man???
Then these babarians will suffer as if they are put in a furnance... their life will be so and what they do to others will come back. God have mercy on them.
Prime Minister, Present where are you? Please take an action before the INDIA will start buring.