Saturday, September 6, 2008

BJP Tacitly Supporting Fundamentalists: Agnivesh

Orissa Violence Similar to Gujarat Riots: Swami Agnivesh

Prominent Arya Samaj scholar and president of the World Council of Arya Samaj "Society of Nobles", a Hindu reform movement, founded by Swami Dayananda Saraswati in 1875, Swami Agnivesh points out the tacit support Hindu fundamentalists receive from India's Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP):
"The killing of Swami Laxmanananda is being used as an excuse to target minorities in Orissa like the Godhra incident was used in Gujarat to fan the communal cauldron," Swami Agnivesh, President, World Council of Arya Samaj, told reporters in New Delhi.

"The Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) and the Bajrag Dal are getting tacit support from the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) which is part of the ruling coalition in the state to instigate violence in the state," he alleged.

A fact-finding team of Swami Agnivesh, Shabnam Hashmi and Vimal Thorat recently visited the state to enquire about recent violence in Kandhamal.

"To some extend, the repeat 2002 Gujarat riots are taking place in Orissa. With the same preparedness and planning," claimed social activist Shabnam Hashmi.

"We heard reports there that the attackers had lists with them while targeting the victims," she alleged.

"It is very surprising that while we were not allowed to go into area, but were asked to wait till September fourth. VHP leader Pravin Togadia was allowed into the region with full police protection," Agnivesh said.

"What is more strange is that the Union Home Minister for State Sri Prakash Jaiswal was turned back as state refused to give him any security to the troubled area," he added.


Anonymous said...

Orissa violence is a shame for India and Indian democracy. Are we Indians turning to be animals?

Anonymous said...

not only for the Indians but for the all civilized its JUST SHAME.

Anonymous said...

Really worst thing.
People become mad.
What about government?.
Are they enjoying?
Is this India?
Check once what is the mankind.
People behave like cruel animals.


An Appeal to the Government OF India……………….

Dear Sir,

As a citizen of India I too boast of my country which celebrated the 61 years of independence. We are all happy and proud of our nation. But the recent happening really brings shame to our motherland. We all boast about the secular status which was given in the constitution.

Even after these many years of independence, the minority could not live with out fear and freedom. What kind of secularism we are all talking about? We are as a nation advancing in to the future in all fronts. Why not in this area? Can the Christians as a minority community live in their own mother land with out fear and free citizens like any body else? Are we under privileged ?

What happened in Gujarat during Mr Narendra Modi period? How many Christians were attacked and how many culprits were brought to book and how many were punished? In Orissa in the last riot, when Mr. Stains were burnt alive, what the constitution did? Mere spectator!!!
Now again in Orissa, what is happening? So many left their homes and flee in to the forest to save their lives. Now again in Karnataka, Mangalore why so many churches are getting attacked? What the responsible state Governments are doing? And what the Central Government is doing?

Where is the constitution? If the state governments can not respect and honor in letter and sprit, then scrape the Article in the constitution or Dismiss the governments which are not honoring the same or declare that the India is not a secular country any more.

Where are we heading towards…………………? I f the so called responsible elite people / governments can not respect the country Constitution, then what about the common man?

In what way we are inferior? All the politicians studied some Christian missionary’s school or college. The Christians did quiet well for the well being of this country to come up to this level which is today in terms of medical , social and educational front.

Today because of the recent bomb blasts in various places, we are planning to bring some other strict laws against SIMI. Then why not ban the Hindu fanatic groups like VHP, Bajrang-dal and RSS and the BJP Government and the BJP party itself which is attacking and killing so many Christians. Let’s ban these movements and ban the party and dismiss the governments which are supporting and executing this kind of atrocity on the minority Christians.

Attack on the Christian community is not something new to us. We are facing this from the day one. Even the early churches too and the disciples of Jesus to were attacked. But nothing can deter us from our faith. We are not going to attack any one. We will pray and we will pray and the God we serve will save us.


What is the difference between these Hindu Fanatic groups and SIMI and the Terrorist groups of Pakistan?

If you are banning simi, then ban all the hindu out fits like RSS, VHP, Bajrangdal.........