Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Christian Schools Face Trouble Over Protest

Christian Schools Face Trouble For Closing To Protest Orissa Violence

Some Church institutions have incurred right-wing Hindu groups' wrath for closing to protest anti-Christian violence in Orissa, eastern India.

According to UCA News:
On the Christian protest day, Hindu radical groups demonstrated in front of a Catholic church of Gwalior diocese, in Madhya Pradesh state, central India. They also demonstrated in front of four Christian schools in Gwalior town, 320 kilometers south of New Delhi.

On the same day, the government of Karnataka announced its decision to take action against Christian schools in that southern state for closing without prior permission.
In Karnataka, the the BJP led state government issued notices to the managements of the schools and colleges that were closed on Friday.
According to the sources in the education ministry the letter asked the institutions to explain the "holiday" on Friday. The strong worded letter has also reminded that the institutions also get government funding to run the institutions and the government can withdraw the funding should it find that the conduct of the college was found lacking in any way.
Here's an English translation of the Kannada notice in which the State Government threatened to shut Christian Institutions on the basis of a VHP petition:
Office of the Deputy Director
Public Education Department

No. J/53/2007-08 Dated: 29-08-2008


Ref :- On the basis of the protest by Vishwa Hindu Parishat (World Hindu Council) petition of District coordinator)

You announced a holiday on the 29th August to your institution. It is your duty to obtain the permission of the Education Department before announcing any holiday other than the ones permitted by the Department. By failing to follow this norm and announcing the holiday unilaterally and suddenly, you have caused disruption the academic process of the students.

Religious / Communal causes cannot be the cause for announcing to holiday. By doing so you have hurt the religious sentiments of other communities and disturbed the communal harmony of society.

The VHP/Bajarag Dal have conducted a protest against the closure of schools on the 29th August, and criticized your action. The have submitted letters requesting action against you for this. In this context you are asked to show cause why action should not be taken against you for using religion as an excuse, and announcing a holiday, and as to why the permission to run your school should not be withdrawn. You are asked to submit a written reply on or before 2nd September 2009 to this office, failing which it will be assumed you have nothing to say and action will be taken as per the rules.

Deputy Director of Public Education


dom said...

DO Christians and their institutions have to remain mute spectators to the atrocities then? We haven't taken to retaliation in a similar manner as that of the HIndu activists.Did we burn innocent people and their homes? Are we plundering people's homes and outraging their women? Why does the Govt refrain from issuing such notices when other organisations put the entire city,state and the country through inconvenience and stupid uncalled for violence through bundhs and protests?

Anonymous said...

We DONT need organisations in India that teach us to Kill, burn, destroy.
All religions should come together and fight for our country's peace before a foreign country is called in. Shame on us Indian to stay calm and silent. We need to speak out. These organisations will promote such actions should be closed down. They are doing it for their own benefit and power. Nobody should EVER, EVER VOTE FOR SUCH PEOPLE WHO BRING HATRED,REVENGE ETC TO OUR OWN BROTHERS AND SISTERS.
They should have the gutts to stand up and atleast find out who murdered that man. I have not heard his name ever before.