Tuesday, August 26, 2008

How Could They Not Foresee This?

The government bears a heavy responsibility says Cardinal Oswald Gracias of Bombay, the Chairman of the Latin Rite Catholic Bishops' Conference of India.

"How could they [the government] not foresee ahead of time such a situation and take the necessary preventive measures to avert this large scale mayhem?" asks the prelate.

The prelate noted that last December similar incidents took place in the same area with villages under siege, churches set on fire and people killed.

For the chairman of Indian bishops such episodes are a "shameful for India within the international community; it is a blot on India’s image. The international community might end up seeing us as a nation where the government is slow to act and police is ineffective."

The full story here.

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Anonymous said...

if only we who have been living peacefully doing our bit of service to the nation in its march for justice peace and harmony could have understood the victimisation of Catholics and chirstians in a develish lease of destruction we do not feel how this could happen in a civilized non violent nation where non violence has been extolled to the high heavens. but when it comes to practice by the majority which wields power and is drunk with brute power they use this power to destroy the minority dalits who have been working their way higher up the ladder due to the fact they have understood what it means to be free. but when the people who were afraid of their conscientisation they wanted to victimise and intimidate these unprotected people
we condemn all this madness. and ask the government of Orissa to do justice who have been harmed.
we condemn the death of the hindu guru Saraswati but rather than find the culprit they harm the innocent.
hope justice will be done.
fr. Joseph vas svd